While modern advances continue around the world, traditional Japanese culture is once again attracting people’s attention. In addition to letting young Asian people understand Japanese culture and Monozukuri (culture of artisanship and/or products making), this project will create a “Japan x Asia” cross culture.

1. A publicly-offered design competition among Asian students: SAKURA COLLECTION 2013 asks Asian students and young people who are involved with design and fashion to come up with designs under the theme “Japan.” Making Japan the theme will make young Asian people interested in Japanese culture, history, and its traditional industries.

2. Hold an Asian qualifying competition: SAKURA COLLECTION in K.L will be held in Malaysia to integrate Japanese and Asian culture and discover new talent.

3. Offer a trip to Japan to candidates who successfully create excellent work: Provide an opportunity to participate in an inspection tour that gives the award winners a chance to experience Japanese products, fashion, and design being made on site. Also provide an opportunity to let their work appear on the stage of the SAKURA COLLECTION 2013 in TOKYO.

4. The project aims at international cultural exchange and youth support.